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“If you don’t do Macro, Macro will do you.” — Successful Investors’ Maxim.
Deepcaster does Fundamentals, Technicals, Interventionals, & Macro.

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Next Major Moves Coming Soon; Forecasts: US$/€, U.S. T-Notes, T-Bonds, & Interest Rates; Equities; Gold & Silver; Crude Oil & Copper & Other Commodities

Deepcaster forecasts the Next Major Moves Coming and their likely Timing. We are able to do this because of our focus on the Big Four: Fundamentals, Technicals, Interventionals and, especially, Macro Factors.

Consider that Deepcaster’s earlier correct Forecasts now being fulfilled are:

  • Major Equities Leg Down has occurred
  • FAANG Stocks Tanking
  • Volatility Dramatically Increasing … [ALERT, January 18, 2019]

The Destroyer Cometh Very Soon — How to Profit & Protect

The Destroyer Cometh Very Soon How to Protect and Profit.

“The USA is just closing the Books on its first Trillion $$ Annual Budget Deficit”  

IBD 12/3/18. 

“Given the rate of increase in The National Debt, US Debt Interest will hit $1 Trillion annually in a Decade.” 


“And the Budget Deficit will Top $$2 Trillion in a Decade if current trends continue.”


Non-U.S. Holders of U.S. Debt dropped from over 50% of that Debt to 40% recently.

U.S. Debt to GDP is now over 100%. Other Major Countries’ Debt to GDP is even higher, e.g., China, has over 200% Debt to GDP. [December 2018 Letter]

Three Keys for Profitably Surmounting Markets Manipulation and Precious Metals Price Suppression

“As seen from the outside, the Massive Upheaval in Western Society is approaching the limit beyond which it will become Meta-Stable and Collapse.” Solzhenitsyn as quoted in The Camp of the Saints by Jean Raspail, 1974

Here we Reveal the heretofore unacknowledged Necessary Conditions for Profitably (to Investors) surmounting Precious Metals Price Suppression and other Markets Manipulation. [Articles by Deepcaster]

Surmounting (Censored!) Market & Economic Realities for Profit and Protection

Savvy Investors know that there are several Key Market and Economic Realities which are NOT reported on by the Mainstream Financial Media, usually because of the Economic Interests of Media Owners and Allies — Key Power Centers of The “Deep State”.

So, given that Knowledge is Power and that awareness of these Realities is essential to Wise Investment Decisions, Deepcaster summarizes the most important of these so Investors can Profit and Protect.
[October 2018 Letter]

Profiting & Protecting from The Greatest Market Threats, Cartel Interventions,
and Fake Economic News

“This is breathlessly brilliant. U have exceeded yourself….”
Uncle Harry Schultz, legendary Investor and Newsletter Writer
Re: Deepcaster’s 3/15/2012 Article: “Two Critical Investment Keys Going Forward”

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Uncle Harry Schultz, legendary Investor and Newsletter Writer

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Uncle Harry Schultz, Legendary Investor and Newsletter Writer

RE: Deepcaster’s 7/20/12 article: “Reality Therapy for Abused Investors”


“This is breathlessly brilliant. U have exceeded yourself.”
Uncle Harry Schultz, Legendary Investor and Newsletter Writer

RE: Deepcaster’s 3/15/12 article: “Two Critical Investment Keys Going Forward”