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“If you don’t do Macro, Macro will do you.” — Successful Investors’ Maxim.
Deepcaster does Fundamentals, Technicals, Interventionals, & Macro.

Latest Letter:   Mega-Moves then Reversals Coming — How to Profit & Protect—& Buy Reco  – April Letter [Read Here]

3/31/2023 – Mainstream Media Distortions and outright lies would have you deny Key Realities: that Inflation will likely continue to Intensify for a while and the Economy will continue to Stagnate into a Recession or Depression.

One continuing Risk:  Applying the average Duration of Bonds in Regional Bank Portfolios (3.9 Years) their losses as of Dec 2022 are $1.7 Trillion

But the Good News is that in recent Letters and Alerts Deepcaster has recommended purchasing Key Assets for Profit and Protection despite the Intensifying Stagflation and Risks

In the past March Letter we SUMMARIZED ALL of them and added one more in light of SOARING RISKS in one Area.  In this April Letter we identify Key Market Moving Forces impending and .how to profit and protect & provide a BUY RECO to be held short term

Be aware, The Cartel is hard at work, so in this April letter we identify a Key Index which is ready for a Mega Move very soon and then a Mega Reversal a few days after that

So log in to to see  our pick for the Key Index likely to start into a Mega-Move then reverse a few days after that and our Essential Summary for Profit and Protection going forward.,

And remember that just last Spring subscribers were able to take 300%, 100% and 350% Profit in just two months!

p.s. – There is a BUY RECO included in the April Letter …

ALERTS [Read More]-

3/16/2023 – Deepcaster disregards Fake News to help subscribers Profit and Protect

Consider e.g. the MSM claim that the recent FDIC bailout of ALL SVB et. al. depositers accounts will not cost taxpayers/small (under $250K) depositers anything.

NONSENSE. FDIC bailouts are accomplished using money from Bank Fees paid to FDIC. But who pays Bank Fees– ALL DEPOSITERS/TAXPAYERS!! and, moreover, that is Inflationary!!

  • And there are even more Powerful Mega-Events and Mega-Moves coming VERY Soon
  • And Deepcaster reveals them and how to aim to Profit and Protect (despite the Threats they pose) in Deepcasters recent Letters and Alerts
  • And focus on the SHOCKING Fed Announcement of 3/15/23 which has been SUPPRESSED by the MSM!

To see them log into to

And recall that Deepcaster subscribers were very recently able to take 150% Profit on one of our Buy Recos, and 300%, 100% and 350% in two months just last Spring

3/8/2023 – Take about 150% Profit today, Now

Certain commodities which Deepcaster earlier recommended are holding up well despite the intensifying Stagflation and broader Equities Markets woes.

But now is the time to Sell half of your position in this commodity for about a 150% profit.

And remember that just last Spring subscribers were able to take 300%, 100% and 350% Profit in just two months!

So log in to NOW to see which commodity position to sell for about a 150% profit.

2/24/2023 – Corrections of Fake Econ & Markets “Data” plus our Recos to Enable Profit & Protection 

Readers of Deepcaster’s Book know that the Title “Profiting and Protecting from the Greatest  Market Threats, Cartel Interventions, & Fake Economic News” says it all re analyzing what is coming and how to Profit and Protect.

NOW, heading into March, 2023 is another PIVOTAL TIME and we can soon expect MEGA-MOVES coming thick and fast VERY SOON

This week we present two analyses of Fake Economic and Markets News and Data, and provide the Real News and Data, and the resulting Forecasts, and our Buy Recos., to put you in a much better position to profit and protect from the IMPENDING MEGA MOVES.

Deepcaster has accurately forecast the intensifying inflation and the stagnating economy in recent letters and Alerts. But we also earlier identified four subsectors and specific Buy Recos, which will likely provide Investors with Profit and Protection during the Intensifying Stagflation.

Deepcaster’s Reliance upon the Real Econ Numbers Gives us a Great Advantage in recommending profitable Trades and Investments for our Subscribers. It is essential for Investors and Traders Profit and Protection that they also rely on Real Econ Numbers in making their decisions and not on Fake Econ News. But alas there is much Fake Econ News being disseminated by “Official” sources, usually for Political purposes. For example, REAL Inflation is nowhere near the 8% to 9% these Sources claim it is.!!!! It is much higher! And other crucial data is “Fake” as well.

So log in to to see the REAL Inflation number and other Key Econ and Markets Data and our Forecasts & Buy Recos.

Regarding Key Indicators it is important to recall that in just two months this past Spring Deepcaster Subscribers were able to take 300%,100%, and 350% Profit.

2/17/23 – Golden Opportunities Investment Portfolio

Following up on a Superb Suggestion from one of our Long-time Subscribers this week we post all of the Buy Recommendations and Take Profits we have made in the last twelve months….This allows subscribers to see our latest “HOT” Recommendations.

As well it separates them from our entire Portfolio which contains many stocks which we recommended purchasing years ago.  For example, it contains Mining Stocks whose prices have been suppressed for years by the Fed-led Cartel’s Precious Metals Price suppression policies.  We do not think this price suppression can last much longer so in anticipation of this Mega Launch up we have recently recommended positions which would handsomely profit.

As well this Golden Opportunity list contains stocks which should generate both Profits and Protection in the Intensifying Inflation and oncoming Recession/Depression.

Remember, Deepcaster’s Reliance upon the Real Econ and Markets Numbers Gives us a Great Advantage in recommending profitable Trades for our Subscribers. and avoiding Catastrophes!

Just last Spring Subscribers were able to take 300%, 100%, and 350% profit in just two months !!!.

It is essential for Investors and Traders’ Profit and Protection that they also rely on Real Econ and Markets Numbers in making their decisions and not on Fake News. But alas there is much Fake Econ and Markets News being disseminated by “Official” (often Deep State) sources, usually for Political purposes.

Previous Headlines from DEEPCASTER

Real News NOW for Profit & Protection

Key Mainstream Financial Media are often complicit in suppressing or outright distorting Critical Economic, Market and other important News.

Such is the case today and thus we rectify that by reporting critically important Real News for You Today NOW for your Profit & Protection.

Key Sectors Turning—Forecasts:
Equities; Commodities; US$/Euro, Gold & Silver; Interest Rates

Key Sectors are sending critical Turn Signals this week — essential to consider for our Forecasts and for Profit and Protection going forward. (See our Buy Recommendations.)

The US$ eroded from 97 basis USDX three months ago to 95ish now on economic weakness and Fed easing.

Profitably Surmounting Looming Risks — BUY RECO

Of the many Risks which loom in the apparently Bullish Markets these days, there are two which loom increasingly larger.

And the Technicals tell us these Risks could Manifest themselves very soon.

“Total U.S. Debt is over 3 times GDP.”

Sheila Bair, Former Chair of FOIC, 4/12/2019, Fox Business

While it is clear that Ms. Bair meant National and Business and Individual Debt combined, the ratio itself is extremely concerning.

As we have documented, The Fed’s easy money policies of recent years have led to mass over-leveraging and thus inflated financial Asset prices. One could call it the “Debt Bomb”.

Next Major Moves Coming Soon; Forecasts: US$/€, U.S. T-Notes, T-Bonds, & Interest Rates; Equities; Gold & Silver; Crude Oil & Copper & Other Commodities

Deepcaster forecasts the Next Major Moves Coming and their likely Timing. We are able to do this because of our focus on the Big Four: Fundamentals, Technicals, Interventionals and, especially, Macro Factors.

Consider that Deepcaster’s earlier correct Forecasts now being fulfilled are:

  • Major Equities Leg Down has occurred
  • FAANG Stocks Tanking
  • Volatility Dramatically Increasing …

The Destroyer Cometh Very Soon — How to Profit & Protect

The Destroyer Cometh Very Soon How to Protect and Profit.

“The USA is just closing the Books on its first Trillion $$ Annual Budget Deficit”  

IBD 12/3/18. 

“Given the rate of increase in The National Debt, US Debt Interest will hit $1 Trillion annually in a Decade.” 


“And the Budget Deficit will Top $$2 Trillion in a Decade if current trends continue.”


Non-U.S. Holders of U.S. Debt dropped from over 50% of that Debt to 40% recently.

U.S. Debt to GDP is now over 100%. Other Major Countries’ Debt to GDP is even higher, e.g., China, has over 200% Debt to GDP.


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