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Profiting & Protecting from The Greatest Market Threats, Cartel Interventions, and Fake Economic News — Part #2

An essential first step in Profiting and Protecting is obtaining Accurate information about the Economy, Markets, Interventions, Macro forecasts and indeed News in general.

We summarize here, but encourage investors and traders to further study the following

Gold & Silver—Interventionals All citizens should be or become aware of what educated Investors and Traders have long known: the Fed-led Cartel (see Note 1) of Mega-Banks has, for years, been suppressing the prices of these Precious Metals to keep investors in their Fiat Currencies & Treasury Securities (See for the overwhelming evidence). And for long periods (e.g., 2011-2018) these suppressions have been successful.

But 2019 has, for several Reasons seen the outright failure (albeit intermittently) of The Cartel’s Price Suppressions. Indeed, a long Silver Play Deepcaster recommended in early 2019 returned 60% profit in just five months! And Deepcaster has other such Recommendations “Working” with a Strategy aimed at nullifying the Intermittent Suppressions.

Interventionals – Other Sectors

Recently, The Fed conducted several nightly Injections into the Overnight Market because liquidity was drying up, manifested at one point by a spike to 10% in overnight Repo rates!! The last time such injections were implemented by The private, for-profit Fed was just before Lehman Brothers crashed in 2008. The Implications and Consequent Investor/Trader Recommended Actions are immensely important — see Deepcaster’s October, 2019 Letter for an exhaustive analysis and recommendation.

Fake Economic Statistics — Most Central Banks and Governments lie about Economic Data. To get accurate data about the USA (as opposed to the Bogus “Data” emanating from the BLS) we recommend Investors and Traders visit Here is a chart comparing the most recent Shadowstats Data with the Bogus BLS Data

Bogus Official Numbers vs. Real Numbers (per

Annual U.S. Consumer Price Inflation reported September 12, 2019
1.75%     /    9.46%

U.S. Unemployment reported October 4, 2019
3.52%     /     20.90%

U.S. GDP Annual Growth/Decline reported September 26, 2019
2.28%       /     -1.92%

U.S. M3 reported September 6, 2019 (Month of August 2019 (e), Y.O.Y.)
No Official Report /(e) 6.24%  (i.e., total M3 Now at $20.032 Trillion!)

The Deep State of Data including “Social” Media Social Media distortions and outright censorship of Information and Positions with which they disagree has been and is a matter of increasingly serious concern. In Deepcaster’s view these Mega Media companies should be broken up by being subjected to rigorous application of antitrust law (ongoing attempts are in progress now in Congress and elsewhere).

Indeed, the future of Free Markets, Accurate Data, and most important, Political Freedom, is at stake (because increasingly, these social media platforms are the sources of “The” news and political views, the likes of Facebook and Google censor political views and other News with which they disagree or dislike. We must not let George Orwell’s prescient vision in 1984 become realized).

The Data Controllers Specifically consider the Data Controllers who generate and report data about the economy and markets, which put Investors and Traders in a position to Profit and Protect Wealth or suffer great losses.  This category includes but is not limited to, the aforementioned social media companies. There are indeed  other “Participants” in the Deep State — Globalist (as opposed to Internationalist) Mega-Bankers, complicit Globalist Governments, and Globalist Political Establishments (who generally hate and are actively opposing/attempting to discredit through their control, e.g., over the Mainstream Media, President Trump and Prime Minister Boris Johnson of the U.K. because they are Nationalists and Internationalists) have all been correctly identified as participants in The Globalist Deep State, but until very recently, The Deep State (member) of Data Controllers has not been widely identified, so we reprint excerpts of an excellent description.

The Deep State of Data

“Part One: The few control the many.

“Regardless of your background, socioeconomic status, or political spectrum, everything you do, everything you say, and everything you think is being subtly shaped by a “Deep State.” But the shadow organization I’m talking about isn’t a past or present administration. This isn’t the Alt-Right or Globalist Left. There’s no FBI or NSA faction trying to control your mind. No, the Deep State I’m referring to is the cabal of tech giants and data miners overtly and surreptitiously controlling what you see, whom you connect with, what you read, click, and care about.

“Some, like Google, Facebook and Twitter are doing this out in the open. They believe the American public either doesn’t know, doesn’t care, or simply believes they don’t have a choice. Others, including Equifax and lesser known companies, shy away from the spotlight. Their offices may not be in Silicon Valley, but they’re minting profits from your information—whether you consent or not. They do this with the permission and support of our elected leaders (at least until they screw it up), through complex Terms of Service, and sheer will—not only assimilating our culture, but defining it….

“The Deep State of Data is a convenient and comprehensive public-private partnership that exchanges information for access—access to services and utilities, access to other information, and even entire communities.

“Meanwhile, your personal information generates endless amounts of digital gold for them. Take Facebook, for example. Every status update, like, and comment you’ve ever typed (even those you never published), every place you logged in from, every Messenger conversation and photograph, is paired with other “offline” data about you, then sold and exploited for any number of purposes. And that’s just one platform.

“Your Facebook activity, Google searches, clicks, views, and retweets form the currency with which the Deep State of Data trades. They endlessly mine, store, and sell this data, supplementing it with information gathered by way of personal tracking devices (smartphones, smartwatches, and smart speakers) to collect and analyze your calls, messages, movements, habits, and influences, further fueling algorithms engineered to psychologically manipulate you.

“Artificial intelligence is shaping what you think and how you think about it, telling you not only what to buy, but how often you need it, promoting specific agendas, feeding you fake news, and taking increasingly aggressive steps to garner even greater control. [Emphasis added. Ed.]

“This isn’t a near-future dystopian scenario. It’s happening right now. People in power are using massive amounts of data collection, obfuscated algorithms, and AI to control and manipulate the public in subtle and unpredictable ways, and no one is outside of their reach….

 “The issue at hand is not one of bias, advertising, or even profiling, but control. Control over the how and the what, control over our personal information. It’s what many call “privacy” and though it’s quite easy to maintain in the real world (through intentional omission of information based on your social setting), protecting it in the digital world has become increasingly difficult—if not impossible.

“Mark Zuckerberg says “Users control their data” and that users “can leave anytime they want” but that is completely disingenuous. Look at the work involved to actually leave Facebook. And more concerning is “leaving Google” isn’t even an option. These are simple, bold, lies. The Deep State doesn’t want, or in Google’s case, doesn’t let us out. [Emphasis added. Ed.] Welcome to the Digital Hotel California.

“I’m not here to be defeatist however. There is a way out. We can take back control of our lives, our inputs, our safety, and our data—it all starts with one simple act: Owning our identity.”

Anonyome Labs

And Deepcaster recommends, in addition to “Owning our Identity” (e.g., by Opting out of Permitting use of private data or, better yet, by refusing to use Facebook & Google [there are alternatives as, e.g., using as one’s search engine. There are also alternative news sources, e.g., One America News on Television and for smartphones, e.g., 63red News which reviews Social and other Media.]). In addition to the ongoing push for Antitrust Action to be instituted against these monopolies in order to break them up, and, since they use the publicly provided/funded internet, favorable consideration be given to regulating them as Public Utilities and Publishers.

In sum, Deepcaster’s Analyses and recommendations go far beyond identifying, and indicating how to cope with the foregoing Miscreants and Fake Economic, Markets, Political and Cultural “News” which they generate. Our goal is to help Investors and Traders Protect and Profit from these “sources” and from what is coming. How?

Deepcaster’s 4-Factor Approach to Investing & Trading

While Deepcaster employs both Fundamental and Technical Analyses, it does not rely only on those two (e.g., at best, Technical Analyses provide only probabilities, not certainties) but also conducts Interventional Analysis of present and prospective  Interventions, usually disguised, into the Markets by the Cartel of Central Banks and complicit Governments and Financial Institutions.

As well, Deepcaster also factors in the effects of present and, especially, prospective Macro factors, one subspecies of which are Black Swans, as identified by Nassim Taleb, and other subspecies which include the Distortions implemented by Social Media and Data Controllers.

Accordingly, Deepcaster makes a variety of Key Recommendations based on all four of the aforementioned approaches, always mindful of Social Media and Data Controllers/Manufacturers’ Distortions certain of our recent Recommendation have Multi-hundred per cent Profit Potential,  see our Letters and Alerts.

Note 1: We encourage those who doubt the scope and power of Overt and Covert Interventions by a Fed-led Cartel of Key Central Bankers and Favored Financial Institutions to read Deepcaster’s Report, “Surmounting Impending Unavoidable Market Sectors Disasters for Profit and Protection” on the ‘Two Free Reports’ page at Also consider the substantial evidence collected by the Gold AntiTrust Action Committee at, including testimony before the CFTC, for information on precious metals price manipulation, and manipulation in other Markets. Virtually all of the evidence for Intervention has been gleaned from publicly available records. Deepcaster’s profitable recommendations displayed at have been facilitated by attention to these “Interventionals.” Attention to The Interventionals facilitated Deepcaster’s recommending five short positions prior to the Fall, 2008 Market Crash all of which were subsequently liquidated profitably.


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