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Deepcaster’s policy is not to initiate a position in any security or other asset it has recommended for one (1) business day before the original recommendation and one (1) business days after any recommendation. Deepcaster’s policy is to disclose ownership by any owner or employee of Deepcaster of any security recommended by Deepcaster which was acquired prior to its recommendation by Deepcaster. Any and all profit examples are net of commission and fees and are hypothetical, and assume the subscribers bought and sold at the time the recommendations were issued. Actual results can and do vary based on day and time of execution and commission charges. Subscribers may cancel at any time without incurring further credit card charges, but will not be given either full or pro-rated refunds. Subscribers acknowledge that all publications issued by Deepcaster are for the named paid Subscriber, and, except as otherwise provided in this paragraph, are not to be distributed to any other person or entity without Deepcaster’s express written permission. All material listed as "Free Reports” may be redistributed, provided that credit is given to Deepcaster accompanied by Deepcaster’s website address. Important Terms for Subscribers on Auto Renewal Options: Your Credit Card will be billed for the Selection Amount today, and that payment is not refundable either in full or pro-rata. Since this is an Auto-Renew Billing Agreement, at the end of the first and each subsequent period your card will be billed the Selection Amount, unless you cancel your auto-renewal by Cancellation Notice  (this link is also available after Login) at least 5 days in advance of your auto-renewal date. 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