Alerts: 11/November 2019


Multi 100% Profit Potential — BUY RECO

This week Deepcaster’s recommendation has Multi-100% Profit Potential and soon.

Indeed, if this week’s Reco returns to its 52 week high (entirely possible), the profit would be 1000%.

What would make this Recommendation Profitable and soon, is the Triggering of one or more of the following Triggers, which event/s is likely:

  1. A failed Trade Deal (i.e., No Deal) with China any Time Soon — very likely.
  2. Substantially increased illiquidity in the Markets
    • Already happening — cf the overnight Spike in Overnight Repo Rates to 10%, in September, 2019
  3. A concatenating series of Credit/Debt — just beginning with the Mall-based Retailers
  4. A messy failure of Brexit — entirely possible.
  5. Increased damage to Social Cohesion in the USA due to the Impeachment Hoax — entirely possible.
  6. Failure of Major Economic Indicators to Meet Expectations and increased publicity by the MSM of the same — already happening cf Shadowstats data

Fact is that any or, more likely, several of the above Triggers will result in dramatically  increasing Volatility in the Markets.

Note that the Volatility Index — the VIX — has been recently bouncing near all-time lows, but technically appears to be gathering energy for a spike upward.

Therefore, we make the following leveraged Volatility Buy Recommendation with TVIX, the Velocity Shares Daily 2X Short-Term ETN.

The investment seeks to replicate, net of expenses, the returns of twice (2x) the daily performance of the S&P 500 VIX Short-Term Futures index. The index was designed to provide investors with exposure to one or more maturities of futures contracts on the VIX, which reflects implied volatility of the S&P 500 Index at various points along the volatility forward curve. The ETNs are linked to a multiple (2x) of the daily return of the index and do not represent an investment in the VIX.

Recommendation to Consider:

Buy TVIX under $10.00 per share.

Warning: Leveraged ETFs are risky Speculative Investments and suffer slippage every Night as futures are Rolled.

Best regards,

November 21, 2019


Macro & Interventional Forces Determining Impending Market Moves

Very soon we will see the Impact of Major Macro and Interventional Forces playing out in Major Market Sectors. But Fundamental and Technical Analyses are insufficient to give Investors and Traders adequate Notice so they can Profit and Protect. Thus, we also describe the Macro and Interventional Forces and indicate prospective positions, including current Buy Recommendations to Profit and Protect.

There are many potential Triggers for Major Market Moves — Brexit or Non-Brexit, the ludicrous Impeachment Inquiry, Failed Trade Deal Attempts with China are visible ones.

But equally important are the less widely know Macro and Interventional Factors and Forces.

For example, the humongous amount of unpayable Sovereign, Business and Individual Debt in the World could, at any time, be triggered setting off a chain reaction of defaults. Indeed it already has. Put another way, the “Smart Money” knows its Assets are at Risk, thus the rush this years to acquire Gold and Silver — such a Rush that The Cartel’s Precious Metals Price Suppression has been only intermittently successful this year.

On a related front because of the Threat to Assets, there is a real Risk of Monetary Liquidity disappearing.

Indeed, it already has, intermittently as evidenced by the September 16 spike in the overnight Repo rate to 10%!

And while The Fed has provided an ostensible “temporary” Fix (via the Revival of a De Facto QE injection) that “fix” will have to be extended indefinitely.

California Lawyer, Ellen Brown, provides Excellent Analyses of Liquidity Failure and QE issues and their consequences, so we will present excerpts from her comments here and interpolate our comments.

“What’s going on in the repo market? Rates on repurchase agreements (“repo”) should be around 2%, in line with the fed funds rate. But they shot up to over 5% on September 16 and got as high as 10% on September 17. Yet banks were refusing to lend to each other, evidently passing up big profits to hold onto their cash – just as they did in the housing market crash and Great Recession of 2008-09. …” [Nota Bene! Ed.]

Note well that this is quite similar to the “Prelude” to the 2008-2009 Crash.

“Since banks weren’t lending, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York jumped in, increasing its overnight repo operations to $75 billion; and on October 23 it upped the ante to $120 billion in overnight operations and $45 billion in longer-term operations.

“Why are banks no longer lending to each other? Are they afraid that collapse is imminent somewhere in the system, as with the Lehman collapse in 2008?

Great Question.

“Perhaps, …. But it looks to be just another case of Wall Street fattening itself at the public trough, using the funds of mom and pop depositors to maximize bank profits and line the pockets of bank executives while depriving small businesses of affordable loans.

“The repo market allows banks and other financial institutions to borrow and lend to each another, usually overnight. More than $1 trillion in overnight repo transactions collateralized with U.S. government debt occur every day. …

“Legally, repos are sales and repurchases; but they function like secured overnight or short-term loans. … the lender takes an asset (usually a federal security) in exchange for cash, with an agreement to return the asset for the cash plus interest the next day unless the loan is rolled over. … two types … overnight … and 14 day …

“The Fed re-started its large-scale repo operations in September, when borrowing rates shot up due to an unexpectedly high demand for dollars. … unusual demand … quarterly tax payments … Treasury debt settlements. … a decline in bank reserves due to “quantitative tightening” … unusually high government debt issuance over the last four years …

“The Fed’s stated objective in boosting the liquidity available to financial markets was simply to maintain its “target rate” for the interest charged by banks to each other in the fed funds market. But critics were not convinced. …

And neither was Deepcaster.

“Why were private capital markets once again in need of public support if there was no financial crisis in sight? Was the Fed engaged in a stealth “QE4,” restarting its quantitative easing program? …


“Pam and Russ Martens pointed to another greed-driven trigger to the recent run on repo. The perpetrator was JPMorgan Chase, the largest bank in the U.S., with $1.6 trillion in deposits. …

“… JPMorgan reduced the cash it has on deposit at the Federal Reserve, from which it might have lent, by $158 billion in the year through June, a 57% decline. …

“… ‘The shocking news, … is that “[a]ccording to its SEC filings, JPMorgan Chase is partly using Federally insured deposits made by moms and pops across the country in its more than 5,000 branches to prop up its share price with buybacks.” Small businesses are being deprived of affordable loans because the liquidity necessary to back the loans is being used to prop up bank stock prices. Bank shares constitute a substantial portion of the pay of bank executives. …

Incredible and outrageous!

“If share buybacks of $83 billion, representing 72 percent of total payouts for these 10 BHCs in 2017, were instead retained, they could, under current capital rules, increase small business loans by three quarters of a trillion dollars or mortgage loans by almost one and a half trillion dollars.

“Hoenig was referring to the banks’ own capital rather than to their deposits, but the damage to local credit markets is even worse if deposits are also being diverted to fund share buybacks. Banks are not serving the real economy. They are using public credit backed by public funds to feed their own private bottom lines.

“The whole repo rigmarole underscores the sleight of hand on which our money and banking systems are built, and why it is time to change them. Banks do not really have the money they lend. To back their loans, they rely on their ability to borrow from the reserves of other banks, generated from their customers’ deposits; and if those banks withhold their deposits in the insatiable pursuit of higher profits, the borrowing banks must turn to the public purse for liquidity. The banks could not function without public support. They should be turned into public utilities, mandated to serve the interests of the people and the productive economy on which the public depends.”

“Is the Run on the Dollar Due to Panic or Greed?,” Ellen Brown, November 7, 2019,

Indeed there is Greed at Work here, much to the detriment of the public.

But there is much more at work here as well.

The Liquidity Failure which provided the “Opportunity” for Mega-Profits for Big Banks is also a symptom of something more sinister and Threatening, the entire U.S. Dollar as World Reserve Currency (USDA WRC) System sits on the Edge of a Major Collapse which was the Main Fundamental Cause of the Liquidity Disappearance!

And this is why China has been

  1. issuing Euro-denominated Bonds and
  2. encouraging Chinese corporations to issue Euro-denominated Corporate Bonds ( 11/12/19).

The USDA WRC is seriously Threatened.

In sum, we are indeed sitting on the Edge of a Major Market Collapse. We only await a sufficient Trigger.

Best Regards,

November 14, 2019


Take 60% Profit on One Bull Sector NOW! WHY!!

One Major Bull Sector has performed well for many months and should perform well for many more.

However, “Should” is not “Will”. Indeed, this Sector has increasing Vulnerability to and likelihood of a Major Mega-Takedown.

So, it is time to take profits Today, NOW.

And perhaps even more Important is the “Why” — a Cause which could tank many Sectors.

And the WHY is simple — The Chinese see what they perceive to be President Trump’s increasing vulnerability to Impeachment or “Just” losing the 2020 Election.

So the chances are better than 50/50 that they will agree to no significant deals prior to November 2020.

And this Tanks the Market and especially the Grain’s Market, because the Chinese have promised to buy Billions of $$ worth of Soybeans.

Therefore, we recommend you consider:

Selling your remaining shares of JJG today, NOW.

If you bought when we recommended, you should realize an approximate 60% profit.


Best Regards,

November 4, 2019

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