Deepcaster LLC Website Upgrade Completed


Our website upgrade is now complete!

The new features which many of you have been requesting, including, especially, the ability to log in from your mobile devices, and Auto Renew for several categories of subscriptions are now operative.

And NOW there are many more subscription options ranging from $18/month to $3,288 for Lifetime!

And just in time too!  We are moving into a period of increasing Mega-Moves.

So be sure to read our April, 2017 letter PREPARING FOR THE GREAT KEY SECTORS CRASH plus our latest FORECASTS and BUY RECOS aimed at Profit and Protection from these Forecast Mega Moves.

Request:  Please be aware that the new website design may take a bit of getting used to—e.g., the login is in a different place on the Home Page (see instructions below) and to subscribe or re-subscribe you need first to click on SUBSCRIBE link on the top menu.

Also be aware there still may be glitches in the system, and we need to know that, so inform us by using the CONTACT link. The CONTACT FORM is designed to be delivered to Customer Service, as well as Admin and Executive personnel.

Thank you for your loyalty, patience and help!

Best regards,

April 11, 2017

INSTRUCTIONS for all Deepcaster Subscribers, Prospective Subscribers & Visitors:

  1. Select the Alerts, Forecasts, & Portfolios area on the top menu
  2. Depending on the Subscription Level you’ve chosen, select Alerts, Articles etc, from the drop down menu.
  3. The correct page will open and you will see a LOGIN and a SUBSCRIBE button.
  4. Subscribers may now Login, non-subscribers may Subscribe.

The logging out link will be at the bottom of the side menu.


Click Subscribe to Subscribe,

Click Subscriber-Content to see actual Alerts and Monthly Letters

Click Public-Reminders to see the reminders we send to everyone.

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