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Our Fortress Assets Recommendation in May of 2014 is a 100 year old company (Limoneira LMNR) which produces a wide variety of Foods in California and Arizona, develops Real Estate and, perhaps most important, holds water rights to the aquifers and/or other water rights associated with land.

At the time we recommended LMNR, the stock was selling at just under $22.00 per share. We concluded that owning shares in LMNR is an excellent way to own an interest in Food Production and Water Rights. Therefore, given its focus on Agriculture and Water, it provides some downside protection against substantial Market and/or Economic downturns going forward.

As we write, shares are trading above $30.00. That’s about a 40% profit or about 8% Annualized considering gain plus yield. But we believe in taking profits when we have them. Therefore, we offer this recommendation.

Recommendation to Consider:

Sell One Half of your holdings of Limoneira (LMNR) at $30.00 per share or better.


Best regards,

August 31, 2018

Note 1: After several years of relatively low Volatility in Many Markets, Several Key Climacterics are coming in the next few weeks. This will provide Superb Profit Opportunities for the prepared, and risk of Great Loss for the unprepared.

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