Deepcaster’s view that a Few Key Sectors offer both great Profit Potential Wealth Protection almost regardless of what is happening in broader Markets is being borne out.

Indeed we have made two such recommendations just this year, both with great profit potential. (See Our BUY RECOS) Indeed, we think both have multi-Hundred % Profit Potential.

Today we recommend taking profit on iPath Bloomberg Grains SubTR ETN (JJG). JJG is a tracking ETN, which means it is designed to track a “Market Basket” of Grains.

Thus it has been in a nice uptrend because, regardless of what is or might happen in the Economy and Markets, with the World Population increasing by 80 Million Per Year, the demand for grains is almost guaranteed to increase.

Indeed, JJG is up again about 50% since we recommended it.

Recommendation to Consider:

Sell Half of your remaining holdings of iPath Bloomberg Grains SubTR ETN (JJG) at $43.00 per share or better.

And see Deepcaster’s recent RECOs which have multi-100% Profit and Wealth Protection Potential.


Best regards,

March 4, 2020

NOTE: In light of the Major Recent and Prospective Changes in the International Economy and Markets, the Prospects for profiting from certain of our Portfolio Positions have diminished. Accordingly, we will be deleting these from our Portfolio recommendations in the next few days and you should monitor these Portfolios to see whether you wish to sell or retain these positions.

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