Deep State Impending MEGAmoves’ MEGAeffects coming soon! Deepcaster December Letter

December 2021 Letter

Deep State Impending MEGAmoves’ MEGAeffects coming soon!



           The years-long suppression of Gold and Silver Prices by The Fed-led Banking Cartel is no surprise to long time readers of  Its intent was and is to keep investors in their Treasury Securities and Fiat Currencies (including Crypto)


       But years of Fed created ultra-low interest rates –aimed at maintaining the Solvency and Profitability of their client banks–  is coming home to roost in the form of INTENSIFYING INFLATION  and UNPAYABLE DEBTS.  The US Debt of $$ 30 Trillion can never be repaid without   diminishing the purchasing power of the $$US , i.e. causing intensifying Inflation.


    But The Fed’s recent enactment of mini-tapering is way late to the game, and even if Fed starts raising interest rates in the middle of next year or earlier, the INFLATION BEAST is out of the Deep State’s bag and Deep State Bankers and collaborators will be force to do much more to maintain their power and wealth.  In sum, the signs are that …


   The Deep State is planning to institute new MEGAMOVES even more Potent than merely suppressing the Prices of Gold and Silver and suppressing interest rates.


Thus, it is essential to see what likely MEGA MOVES are coming in order to Profit and Protect.  And we reveal these in this December Letter


As background note that:

A MEGA MOVE which we earlier forecast had almost begun to launch and after launch we expected its effects would be felt in almost all other Sectors in a very few weeks. See our recent letters and alerts.  However, since we posted the October letter, one of several Black Swans lurking actually occurred, and delayed our forecast MEGA Moves for a very few weeks. 


Thu, in our recent Alert we identify that Black Swan and forecast how long its effect is likely to last, and what we expect to happen when the Black Swan’s effect has diminished. Specifically, we expect at least one of our forecast MEGA MOVES to begin then.  And this MEGA MOVE will enable Profit Taking in certain of the aforementioned Sectors.


Remember that Deepcaster’s forecasts are based on REAL Economic Data and not on the political numbers coming out of the BLS or MSM

Those REAL data are set forth in our recent Alerts and letters and are essential to consider in order to profit and protect going forward

And also consider that one of our recent BUY RECOs is also aimed at riding the coming Profit and Protection.

Based on its high a couple of years ago, that BUY RECO has at least 1,000% Profit potential.


Fortunately, Deepcaster has Superb Sources for Real Data which has made Deepcaster’s extraordinary Profits Taken record in 2020-2021 possible.  Our attention to Key Timing Signals and Interventionals and Macro and Real Econ. Data, has facilitated Recommendations which have returned substantial Profits in recent months as high as 110% in January , 75% in March 2020. and 80% in May, 2021. Consider e.g. 2020:

* 90% Profit on Energy Sector Call Option on November 11, 2020

* 65% Profit on Gold Miners ETF on August 21, 2020

* 75% Profit on Gold Miners ETF on July 28, 2020

* 50% Profit on Precious Metals on June 30, 2020

* 75% Profit on a Sector tracking ETF on March 16, 2020

* 45% Profit on Basic Materials on March 9, 2020

* 53% Profit on a Sector tracking ETN on March 4, 2020 (the 4th Take Profit on this ETN)

* 62% Profit on the VIX on February 28, 2020

* 55% Profit on an ETN on February 24, 2020

* 110% Profit on a T-Bond Call on January 24, 2020 in just 14 days.


Log in at to also see

1)  Key Econ, Market, Commodity, & Political Facts impelling Impending Mega Moves, and

2)  our most recent Alerts and August, September, October and November letters as well as Current Forecasts and Recommendations based on the Real Economic Data which we IDENTIFY AND REVEAL and the forecast timing for MEGA MOVES which are coming ever closer and recent BUY RECOs aimed at Mega Profits and Protection!!

We reiterate: our two most recent BUY RECOs have multi-hundred % Profit Potential!


So login to to see our most recent BUY RECOS and the Real Econ Data to maximize the opportunity to 

Profit and Protect from coming MEGA Moves’ MEGAEFFECTS.


Very best,  Deepcaster   11/23/21



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