Forecasts for Gold, Silver and Equities



Forecasts for Gold, Silver and Equities

Longtime subscribers to Deepcaster know that we have made a convincing case that The Banking Cartel has for years suppressed the prices of Gold and Silver in order to keep investors in their Fiat Currencies and Treasury Securities.

Subscribers also know that Deepcaster expects the P.M’s , and especially Silver, to break free some time in the next very few months because demand for Silver is greatly outstripping supply. And Gold would launch up very soon thereafter.

And subscribers also know that we expect additional Mega Moves in Equities

[ Important to note that our subscribers were able to make 300%, 350% and 100% Profit from Deepcaster’s Buy Recos in just last month alone!!]

So the Big Question is WHEN? will the next Mega Moves providing HUGE Profit Potential in Gold, Silver and Equities occur?

We give Deepcaster’s and other analysts’ forecasts in this week’s Alert

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