June Mega Move Forecasts

June 2022 Letter

Mega Move Forecasts


The Mega Moves we have seen in Key Sectors recently are not over.  We expect to see continuing Mega Moves, though not all in the same Sectors as recently.

Consider that we are facing an intensifying Hyperinflation coupled eventually with a Recession or Depression. Deepcaster has identified the very limited Sectors which should Provide Profit and Protection, given that Probability.

Deepcaster’s forecasts are based largely on Market and Economic REALITIES, which the Mainstream Media either censors or refuses to report.  See our recent Letters and Alerts for a reprise re what these are

And in this June Letter we provide two reliable sources of multi-faceted information/forecasts which most certainly are not MSM  sources.

One important one is Inflation which is already running at 16%.. ..twice what the Fake News MSM claims it is..That means that the Purchasing Power of Fiat Currencies/Cash is eroding rapidly i.e. NOW and in the Foreseeable Future. All the more important, therefore, to consider Deepcaster’s Analyses, Forecasts, and Buy Recos

We must also note that in the past month our subscribers have been able to take 300%, 350%, and 100% Profits  on our Buy Recos based on our Forecasts!!

So log in to Deepcaster.com to see our Analyses, Forecasts, and Recommendations for Profit and Protection in light of the Mega-Moves which are coming

Very best  Deepcaster  May 27, 2022


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