MEGA Moves coming w Shocking Results & How to Profit & Protect

3/16/2023 – Deepcaster disregards Fake News to help subscribers Profit and Protect

Consider e.g. the MSM claim that the recent FDIC bailout of ALL SVB et. al. depositers accounts will not cost taxpayers/small (under $250K) depositers anything.

NONSENSE. FDIC bailouts are accomplished using money from Bank Fees paid to FDIC. But who pays Bank Fees– ALL DEPOSITERS/TAXPAYERS!! and, moreover, that is Inflationary!!

  • And there are even more Powerful Mega-Events and Mega-Moves coming VERY Soon
  • And Deepcaster reveals them and how to aim to Profit and Protect (despite the Threats they pose) in Deepcasters recent Letters and Alerts
  • And focus on the SHOCKING Fed Announcement of 3/15/23 which has been SUPPRESSED by the MSM!

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And recall that Deepcaster subscribers were very recently able to take 150% Profit on one of our Buy Recos, and 300%, 100% and 350% in two months just last Spring

Very Best,  Deepcaster


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