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5/8/2023 – Mainstream Media Distortions and outright lies would have you deny Key Realities: that Inflation will likely continue to Intensify and the Economy will continue to Stagnate into a Recession or Depression

But the Good News is that in recent Letters and Alerts Deepcaster has recommended purchasing Key Assets for Profit and Protection despite the Intensifying Stagflation and other Risks

In the past March Letter, we SUMMARIZED ALL of them and added one more in light of SOARING RISKS in one Area. In our April Alert Key Market Moving Forces are identified and a description re. .how to profit and protect & a BUY RECO are provided.

Be aware, The Cartel is hard at work, so in the April letter we identified a Key Asset which is ready for a Mega Move very soon and its vulnerability to Reversals courtesy of The Cartel

However, given the Great Variety of Intensifying Forces affecting Markets—Inflation, War, the Border, the Debt Crisis, ,Markets  Manipulation by the Plunge Protection Team– there are great Risks, but also  Great Opportunities,

One of those Opportunities with Multi-Hundred percent Profit Potential has appeared today.

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And remember that just last Spring subscribers were able to take 300%, 100% and 350% Profit in just two months and 115% profit very recently!

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