MEGA MOVE very soon — Prep to Profit and Protect!!

July Letter [Read Here]

6/23/2023 –  Deepcaster’s Fundamental, Technical, and Interventional Indicators all point to a first MEGA MOVE in Key Sectors coming very soon

The Causes are clear

  • Mainstream Media Distortions and Outright Lies would have you deny Key Realities
  •  The Distortions and Lies impede Investors from making well considered decisions re how to invest to profit and Protect
  • But in recent Alerts we have provided Real Data via and others to enable Profit & Protection,  along with specific Buy Recos.
  • Basic Facts: Intensifying Stagflation,  Unpayable Debts in Zombie Companies including Commercial Real Estate,, Fed Policies which are leading to Economic Catastrophe and Geopolitical vulnerabilities exacerbated by Biden Administration Policies

Equities in general continue to be vulnerable, for all the reasons we laid out in recent Letters & Alerts..

  • And there are especially vulnerable Key Equities Sectors we expect to crash VERY soon.
  • And there are key investment sectors we  expect to crash very soon also.
  • And Alas This will lead to the Banking Cartel’s Attempt to Impose Their Final Solution!
  • BUT there are a very few Key Sectors which we have earlier identified

which we expect to provide Protection and HUGE Profits very soon.!

So log into to see these Sectors including our recent STAGFLATION CONQUEROR Buy Reco so you can protect and PROFIT.

And remember that subscribers were able to take 300%, 100% and 350% Profit just last spring and 120% recently …

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