Mega Move Impending!!

09/22/2023 – MEGA MOVE IMPENDING!!

    Fundamentals, Technicals, Interventionals, and Macro are all

Signaling that a Mega Move is very likely Coming IN THE NEXT VERY FEW DAYS!


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And very important, consider how one investment advisor describes the CBDC THREAT

-“Dear investor,
I’m here to warn you…
One could think of it as important as Paul Revere’s…
The digital dollar is coming… And it’s closer than you think…
While it might not be as violent as a war coming…
You need to protect yourself from the biggest financial shock since Nixon triggered an 87% collapse in the value of the U.S. dollar in 1971…
Today, our biggest threat is the creation of…
Once the digital dollar gets rolled out, the dollar recall begins…
Leaving many of us with worthless dollar bills…”

Hector Peña
…… Palm Beach Research Group —

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implementing the Liberty, Privacy, and Asset Killing CBDC, other investment advisors Warnings about it, and MOST IMPORTANT, what you can do to successfully oppose implementation, One member of Congress has already introduced a Bill which would Bar CBDC implementation! — Rep. Alex Mooney R-WV  H.R 3712 — Call your Reps. in Congress and encourage them to co-sponsor it !!)


Attempted Imposition could come in the next very few days!!!


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Very best,



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