Intensifying Threat to Assets — Millions of Illegals to Reap Taxpayer-Funded Benefits — Act NOW!

11/10/2023- Intensifying Threat to Assets — Millions of Illegals to Reap Taxpayer-Funded Benefits — Act NOW!

Deepcaster has accurately forecast the intensifying inflation and the stagnating economy in recent letters and Alerts. But we also earlier identified several subsectors and made Buy Recos. which will likely provide Investors with Profit and Protection during the Intensifying Stagflation.  And recently we have recommended one more!!  SEE OUR BUY RECOS TO PROFIT & PROTECT!!

Consider that Deepcaster’s Reliance upon the Real Econ Numbers Gives us a Great Advantage in recommending profitable Trades for our Subscribers. It is essential for Investors and Traders Profit and Protection that they also rely on Real Econ Numbers in making their decisions and not on Fake Econ News. But alas there is much Fake Econ News being disseminated by “Official” Mainstream Media sources, and much Censorship,usually for Political purposes.  Today’s Alert tells you what the Mainstream Media Won’t

Indeed this Alert describes an Intensifying  Threat  which has been suppressed/censored by the Mainstream Media

Another Area which is censored/distorted is Inflation, REAL Inflation is nowhere near the 8% to 9% these Sources claim it is.!!!! It is actually much higher! And other crucial data is “Fake” as well.

So log in to to see the REAL Inflation number and other Key Econ Data, and the intensifying Threat.

And remember that subscribers were able to take 300%, 100% and 350% Profit just last spring and 80% & 115% recently.

But there is an impending AVOIDABLE Mega-Threat to Assets and Safety, AVOIDABLE provided investor Citizens Act Now

Read today’s Alert: “Biden’s Big Giveaway: Millions of Illegals to Reap Taxpayer-funded Benefits — Log in at

For additional uncensored information about the INTENSIFYING Mass Legal and Illegal immigration Crisis and what to do about it see the Nonprofits and  – Both are pro–Immigrant and anti-Mass Immigration. Donations are tax deductible


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