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January 1, 2024 – Intensifying Threat to Your Wealth and Personal Safety occurs this Month!  Powerful forces in Congress and Biden Administration push Comprehensive Legislation, which imposes Great Additional Burdens on Citizen Investors.

This Comprehensive Legislation REQUIRES a $1.29 TRILLION Tax increase and WILL BE acted upon since tied to Ukraine funding and other Key Bills! Much Investment Capital will be destroyed or confiscated by this Comprehensive Bill!

Its passage makes it much more difficult for citizen investors to make the Investments which Deepcaster recommended in recent Letters and Alerts (e.g. the 3 Fs, P.M’s, and related investments) to maximize Profit and protection given the Hard Times coming.

Citizen Investors can stop this Mega-Threat if you Act Now


The non-profit Carrying Capacity Network (CCN) wrote:

“The Open Borders Crowd is working hard AGAIN on their “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” Bill to Amnesty over 35 Million Illegals AND DOUBLE LEGAL IMMIGRATION!

With a foreign aid package scheduled on the Senate floor early THIS month, Key Senators demand in exchange for tightening asylum laws and improving border security (H.R.2) as Quid Pro Quo to include their Amnesty for 35 Million illegal aliens!

Other Senators will not support aid to Ukraine to defend its borders unless Congress and the Biden Administration defends our own Borders! Thus, January promises to be very contentious in Congress, with multiple battles over policy and legislation.

GOOD NEWS: You can help stop this insidious Mass Alien Amnesty and doubling of Legal Immigration! The nonprofit CCN HAS ACTIVISTS IN EVERY STATE, which is how CCN was able to stop the Mass Alien Amnesty Bill in December 2019. CCN works to mobilize Activists to oppose bad bills and policies. CCN’s Activists like you give us Clout!

CONSIDER: The “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” Bill as revised and updated will fully legalize over 35 Million plus Illegal Aliens from over 150 countries, provide Illegals with green cards and a path to citizenship, and remove many caps on legal immigration, resulting in dramatic increase/doubling of pre-pandemic 1.5 Million Legals per year.

The costs to taxpayers (pre-pandemic $758 million per year NET of taxes immigrants might pay) per Congressional district for legal immigration alone (CCN study), would be immense and such legalization would increase:
• child trafficking
• drug running
• Cartel power

An Alien Amnesty requires a $1.29 TRILLION TAX INCREASE (for infrastructure, schools, welfare, health care, etc.) for Amnestied Illegals (Heritage Foundation) and threatens National Security.

See recent CCN Alerts including: “Dream Act Amnesty Stalking Horse for CIR Mass Alien Amnesty!” to understand IN DETAIL the Great MULTIFACETED Threats these Alien Amnesty Bills pose. THE CHALLENGE many Legislative Battles THIS JANUARY requires CCN’s constant attention and Activist Mobilizations”

– Extracted from latest CCN Alert


See for CCN’s Full Alert about this dangerous “comprehensive” Bill

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