THREAT to Freedom, Privacy & Profits via C B Digital Currency! – Help Stop it!



 THREAT to Freedom, Privacy & Profits via C B Digital Currency! – Help Stop it!

The Federal Reserve is owned by the Banks and acts in their interest as Deepcaster has explained in  his book’s analysis of The Banking Cartel and its Interventions Deepcaster has also warned about the Threat of The Fed’s developing VERY SOON a “digital currency” e.g. a ” Fed Coin”  to force us all to move to a cashless society,  with no more Asset mobility or Privacy, and greatly increased potential Control by This Globalist Deep State.

To his Great Credit Dr. Ron Paul has again sounded the Alarm about these ongoing Fed moves toward a cashless society.  Recently Dr. Paul has laid out the HORRIFIC consequences of this Ongoing Fed Move to enact,”Fedcoin” which is also being pushed by the Biden Administration Log in at to see the ESSENTIAL details which provide a basis for stopping it! via H.R.6415 and to Profit and Protect.

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