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Take 100% Profit Today – Not a Joke

The first set of Big Moves which we earlier forecast has now occurred.

While there were many triggers it so happened that Ukraine was the trigger for this first set, but it could have been any of several others, others which still lurk.  But it is also critical to note that on the first day when Russia invaded Ukraine, the major market indices crashed violently, BUT remarkably in the middle of that first day, they rallied to close up


And we know why– The Plunge Protection Team again, which is why we referred to “Interventionals” in the title of our book.

Bottom line: we prospectively take account of Interventionals in our forecasting as well as other key Market and Economic REALITIES.


Importantly, in our March letter we revealed critically important Market and Economic REALITIES which will determine the performance of many markets for months to come, INCLUDING THE NEXT SET OF MEGA-MOVES. 


And most importantly we have been monitoring these REALITIES for years.   And this monitoring has enabled us to pick Sectors and Equities with very high profit potential, which includes today’s Equity on which we recommend taking 100% Profit!


   Also critical is that many of these REALITIES are hidden from Investors by the Fake News Main Stream Media,  yet these REALITIES will to a great extent DETERMINE the markets and economic future.

Indeed, relying on such REALITIES allowed our subscribers to take 300% profit and 350% Profit just in the last three weeks!!


So log in to deepcaster.com to see the REALITIES providing the basis for forecasts for what is coming our CURRENT BUY RECOS, and to see our Take Profit recommendation!!


Congratulations!     Deepcaster   4/1/22



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