The Greatest Threat to Our Freedom, Privacy & Wealth Intensifying! Act Now to Profit & Protect! — Deepcaster Alert!

The Greatest Threat to Our Freedom, Privacy & Wealth Intensifying   Act Now to Profit & Protect & Help Stop it!

     The Multi–Billion $$ Collapse of the FTX Crypto Fund has generated allegations of Fraud, Theft, and Political Influence purchases, as well as Contagion adversely affecting other Markets.


“The FTX debacle is so much bigger than FTX and Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF).  Sure, FTX is one of the biggest political, regulatory and financial breakdowns of this Cycle.   But the bigger story is hiding right under our noses.

  • Incompetence here? Of course.
  • Corruption? Fraud? Massive conflicts of interest? Most definitely.

“This whole thing is rotten to its core.

Set aside that Sam Bankman-Fried was the second largest donor to the Democratic party (donating $36 million). Or that FTX’s co-CEO of Digital Markets was the 14th largest Republican party donor ($19 million). Forget for a second that CFTC Commissioner Caroline Pham recently deleted a social media photo of her posing with SBF. Erase from your memory banks the pictures of SBF with Congresswoman Maxine Waters, or SBF sharing the stage with Bill Clinton.

Consider this. Fraud exposer and veteran shortseller Marc Cohodes handed the entire SBF/FTX fraud story to Bloomberg Crypto in London in July. They passed on it. Let that sink it. Their reason?  “They thought it was too hard, too complicated, and might interfere with gaining access to SBF going forward,” Cohodes says. WTF! “

Cohodes dropped this truth bomb…  FTX is not a crypto scam. It is a massive money laundering, Ponzi scheme fraud with a crypto wrapper. This has nothing to do with crypto. This shit needs to stop.”

   But it is NOT the impact of the Allegations, which intensified the Greatest Threat

Rather it was the Collapse itself which provided the Stimulus for the preexisting Greatest Threat to Intensify

–To be sure, there are several serious pre-existing Threats.  For example, President Reagan’s Director of OMB David Stockman in his book “The Money Bubble-Protecting yourself from Biden-Flation” says that Inflation is likely to continue to be a problem for Years and alas, he is probably right., but that is not The Greatest Threat

So log in to to learn what The Greatest Threat is, why it is intensifying and what you can do to Profit and Protect. and help Stop it.

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